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An organization of young but experienced people with a clear mission and objectives, quality standards are an integral part of our business practices and we believe, that these quality standards contribute immensely in the overall performance of the organization.

Every person has the right to know whether the product they are buying is genuine or not. We use truly secure and encrypted codes printed on the labels of the product which are impossible to replicate. With the help of secure mobile/web tools, the authenticity of the product can be checked

  • Experimenting and tweaking email content as needed
  • Setting up different workflows
  • Segmenting email lists to optimize campaigns
  • Optimizing email sign-ups and opt-ins
  • Supporting digital marketing efforts
  • Conducting email research to understand prevalent customer behaviour
  • Analyze the previous campaigns to discover the areas of strength and weaknesses which could inform subsequent outputs
  • Developing a well-written copy that is free from errors
  • Maintaining a database of customers who have opted to receive correspondence
  • Guaranteeing the design and layouts of emails are optimized, mobile, and user friendly
  • Proofreading key messages in and out of email templates
  • Sending graphics requests to designers
  • Managing, Compiling & eliminating email lists
  • Securing email databases for future campaigns
  • Follow up on emails
  • Placing product orders
  • Creating digital ads
  • Tracking and analyzing campaign results
  • Aiding additional digital marketing efforts
  • Gathering insights into the audience
  • Conceptualizing marketing campaigns that speak directly to the main point of existing and potential clientele
  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing management, Communication, Advertising, or a similar role
  • Proven experience in n creating impactful and unique marketing campaigns
  • Past database management experience, preferably in a similar role
  • Familiarity with pertinent automation and performance evaluation software
  • Excellent project management skills specific to marketing
  • Outstanding copyediting and copywriting skills
  • Ability to harness collaboration to produce a well-crafted content
  • Drive, ingenuity, and gumption
  • Willingness to work extended hours as the need arises
  • Knowledge of digital marketing and IT
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Learn the ways to stay updated with trends.
  • Work on real-time projects.
  • The candidates should be able to work & coordinate with teams.
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