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Agro is the fastest-growing industry in the market today. The selling price of agricultural produce has increased exponentially causing various consumer segments to reduce or totally give up buying their requirements.

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Anti Counterfeiting Solution

VCQRU's Anti Counterfeit Solutions For Agro-Industry

VCQRU is the fastest-growing IT organization enabling agro-manufacturing companies to protect their brands, customers, and products from counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeit solution to conquer the goal of protecting your products from counterfeiting. The solution is an ultimate, foolproof solution with a 100% success rate.

Smart labels can incorporate sensors that can detect and measure various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, and pressure. This information can be used to ensure the product is stored and transported properly, monitor the condition of the product, and provide alerts if the product is exposed to conditions that could compromise its quality.

VCQRU's anti-counterfeit solution uses a combination of technology and security measures to prevent the production and distribution of counterfeit products. Here's how it works

Smart labels can include QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones or other devices to provide additional information about the product. This can include details about the ingredients, manufacturing process, and instructions for use.​

What’s Makes Us Different

We are a product-based IT organization. Our headquarter is in Gurgaon and our marketing team works.

  • Ensuring Product Authenticity.
  • Digital Authentication Platforms.
  • Strengthening Supply Chain Integrity.
  • Global Partnerships.
  • Consumer Education Initiatives.
  • Legal Action Against Counterfeiters.
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PAN India Service
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Hassle free implementation
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24*7 Customer Support

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We desire that the current generation and the generations to come, do not have to worry about the fakes and counterfeits.

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We desire that the current generation and the generations to come, do not have to worry about the fakes and counterfeits. We believe in " connecting with the heart and mind of consumers", and our technology and offerings are all centered on it.

Agro Industry refers to the sector that involves the cultivation, processing, and distribution of agricultural products. This includes farming, food processing, agribusinesses, and related activities that contribute to the production and commercialization of agricultural goods.

Technology plays a crucial role in modernizing Agro Industries. Innovations such as precision farming, IoT-based monitoring, and advanced machinery enhance productivity, optimize resource usage, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices, thereby shaping the future of agribusiness.

Agro Industries face challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, market fluctuations, and the need for sustainable practices. Overcoming these challenges often involves adopting innovative technologies, improving supply chain efficiency, and implementing environmentally friendly farming methods.

TherAgro Industries are instrumental in promoting rural development by creating employment opportunities, supporting local economies, and providing a market for agricultural products. Additionally, agro-based processing units often empower farmers, contributing to the overall socio-economic development of rural areas.

Agro Industries are integral to global food security as they ensure the efficient production, processing, and distribution of food. By adopting sustainable practices and promoting agricultural innovation, Agro Industries contribute to meeting the rising demand for food on a global scale, thus enhancing food security.