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The Boon of Brand Loyalty and top 5 ways to Build it

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As the name suggests brand loyalty is the loyalty that is earned by a brand. Brand loyalty is much more than just giving benefits to the end-users! It is dynamic by which you can retain your existing customers. Unlike customer loyalty, brand loyalty has to do less with financial reasons and more with the client’s perception of a brand- from customer experience to the company’s reputation, and even its mission and values. Pushing sales is no doubt an essential activity to do for the survival of an organization, but our work does not end with sales. Our relationship with our clients is considered a long-term relationship. We must take care of our existing clients and sail more during our growth process. A loyal customer may leave due to an increase in prices but someone loyal to the brand will continue to be a customer even if there is a shoot in prices. Brand loyalty also means free promotion, as customers who are loyal to your brand will promote your brand willingly. Such an activity works like a very effective mode of marketing.

Levels of Brand Loyalty
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  • Brand recognition is the primary step in brand loyalty. Before any customer can make an impression on a brand, the customer must be aware of the brand. The organization’s reputation plays a huge role in brand recognition. The recognition is due to the brand’s extensive marketing efforts. The first impression tends to last forever. If the product and services of a brand are displayed in a very presentable way, the brand’s recognition level rises. To build brand recognition it’s important to use social media and websites.

  • Brand Preference
  • This term means that although there are new entries in the market daily who probably use updated technology, and new features and use better resources at competitive prices, customer loyalty will always lie towards the recognized brand.

  • Brand Insistence
  • Considering the number of skills and update in technology, a lot of competitors for a brand emerge regularly. But the question is what differentiates your brand from others? What is your brand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? These factors combine and create brand loyalty. Your brand must have such a reputation that your customers prefer your brand no matter how many competitors walk in the market.

Methods to Build Loyalty
  • Develop a very powerful Brand strategy
  • The way you present your brand influences how your audience takes it. To build a positive brand strategy you must understand your target audience and create a positive impact. You must tell a story to your audience to which they can relate. Your audience should feel that your brand can counter the problems they are facing and will be of great help to their growth.

  • Engage your Customers
  • You must be engaging with your audience regularly. Any business needs to create and maintain a brand’s reputation to make its audience make aware of its brand’s name. If you observe that your audience is trying to reach out to you via social media or emails, you must connect with them! Solve their queries and answer their questions. This proves that your brand is being recognized and there is a rise in interest. Nowadays there are various modes which allow the brand to engage with its audience- text, email, newsletter, websites or phone. While you are at it, remember to consistently message your audience and share-worthy experiences across different points of contact.

  • Figuring out what your customers care about
  • It is essential that a brand takes care of the needs of its existing customers and persuade new ones by attracting them. Your customers must not feel that their relationship is a just profession. Your customers should feel like the brand is like well-wishers. For some customers, it could be the product’s quality or cost. For some, it could be customer support and for some customers, it could be speed or a combination of diverse factors.

  • Consistently deliver value and excellence
  • Any brand needs to take feedback and collect suggestions from its customers but this is also required that the information gathered is counted and the service of the brand improves. A lot of companies have admitted to moving to a competitor, due to receiving better service from them. You must deliver good quality products and services and serve them as they like and prefer. This shows that you care about your audience and will continue to do so in the future. It is not just limited to serving customers good quality products and services, but it should meet and exceed the expectations.

  • Be proactive
  • At some point in your brand’s journey, you will face criticism and face negativity from customers. This not only affects your brand’s reputation but also affects your relationship with the new customers on board. It is important to understand why this happened? The first thing that should be done is to take feedback. Feedback will inform you what are the challenges faced by these critics and understand whether this is a common issue faced. If so, it is important to take care of such obstacles so that the customers feel secure with your brand again. Social media is such a boon for such actions. You can use the famous technical tool of the chat box on your website. Chatbots are virtual advisors, consultants or assistants whose task is to talk to an Internet user in real-time. However, they conduct conversations without human intervention. In reality, they are computer programs equipped with special algorithms that enable conversation and activities related to your customer’s needs. Otherwise, you can use social media, app stores, review websites, etc.

  • Final Thought
  • It is important to make your customers feel imperial, this will not only give a giant thumbs up to the audience but also create a secure environment for your customers and audience to do business in. Engaging new customers can be tough, but having a brand name with an exemplary reputation can elevate your brand loyalty. Visit VCQRU’s brand loyalty program and turn your customers into loyal customers.

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