Proven Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Counterfeiting is a huge problem and having the worst impact on the buyers as well as the brands. VCQRU's Dynamic QR Code Labels are the only affordable solution, which can implement on any product and protect your brand!

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Counterfeit is the replicating of the original product by unauthorized means to take the price advantage of the original product.

According to the different reports, piracy in consumer products has cost companies a loss of €500 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase by 32% this year.

It is not merely financial loss but due to delicacy in medicines and food products, it may pose severe health issues that are a threat to life.

Every person has the right to know whether the product they are buying is genuine or not. We use truly secure and encrypted codes printed on the labels of the product which are impossible to replicate.

With the help of secure mobile/web tools, the authenticity of the product can be checked.

The problem of counterfeiting is affecting almost every sector from consumer and luxury goods through pharma, automotive, and defense.

Globally, counterfeiting has become a serious threat. It hampers the reputation of the brand, poses a real danger to the health and safety of consumers, and reduce the profitability of the company.

VCQRU Anti-Counterfeit solution is very flexible and customizable. To prevent the counterfeits of a brand, we offer dynamic QR codes to be affixed to the products. These codes make each product uniquely identifiable, and the codes can be scanned using any QR code scanner.

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