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Counterfeiting is a huge problem and having the worst impact on the buyers as well as the brands. VCQRU's Dynamic QR Code Labels are the only affordable solution, which can implement on any product and protect your brand!

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One Stop Solution for Anti-counterfeiting/Duplicity/Fake

3.3% of the global trade sales constitute counterfeit products, making the industry at an alarmingly ascending state.

Fake products are a threat to a brand's economy, their reputation and global market deterioration. For most companies, it even brings a risk to customer’s health. Even though there is a worldwide seizure of counterfeit products, mitigating them entirely is still a challenge amongst businesses.

VCQRU anti-counterfeit is designed to drive in this direction of proactively containing the distribution of fakes or pirated products with the help of cutting-edge technology. We use secure and encrypted codes printed on the labels of the product which are impossible to replicate. It allows us to check the authenticity of products even with the help of secure mobile/web tools.

Be it manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, FMCG, agriculture, defence or fitness, counterfeits have hampered every industry from large to small scale. Digitalisation has given enough platform to fake products to settle and thrive, which needs strict regulation.

VCQRU Anti-Counterfeit solution is flexible and customizable, that tailors to every brand’s needs and products. To prevent the counterfeits of a brand, we offer dynamic QR codes to be affixed to the products. These codes make each product uniquely identifiable, and the codes can be scanned using any QR code scanner thus ensuring that products are genuine.

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