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A raffle scheme involves different possible prizes that can be won through a draw from the group at random. A good raffle scheme can be like a cherry on the cake as a reward for a customer. Raffles have been a powerful marketing tool even before the launch of digital marketing.

Our team helps you choose your target set of customers and design an effective raffle scheme that will not only boost your sales but at the same time build an effective customer base that can be used later for newsletters or email drops.

It can be a physical card or a scratch code on the product packaging, your customers can participate in your raffle scheme through SMS, web, or mobile application.

  • Mass Exposure- An effective raffle scheme provides visibility of your brand among millions of customers.
  • Increased Awareness- It dramatically increases your brand awareness both locally or elsewhere.
  • Speedy Promotion- Raffle scheme catches eyeballs in a much faster way.
  • Database- Raffle scheme helps you create an effective customer database which can be used later for business planning.

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